Pairi Daiza organise ses stages « Petits Futés » pour les enfants de 7 à 14 ans. Pour découvrir la Nature et apprendre à la respecter au contact des animaux les plus exceptionnels.

Petits futés – Pairi Daiza
“Nature’s clever kids”

Learn while having fun in Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza arranges its “NATURE’S CLEVER KIDS” courses for children aged from 7 to 14 years. These courses, overseen by supervisor-guides, aim to make the children more aware of the wonders of nature and to get them genuinely involved in the protection of their environment.

These are daytime courses from Monday to Friday from 09:00 in the morning until 17:00, during certain school holiday periods (Easter and summer).

The team welcoming your children consists of supervisor-guides who are attached to and trained in Pairi Daiza. Each guide supervises a group of twelve children. The groups hosted on a weekly basis are divided up on the basis of the age of the children in order to ensure the quality of the entertainment and maximum interaction.

All activities take place within the grounds of Pairi Daiza. The activities, which are very rewarding, are based on numerous practical experiences: discovery of large mammals, visiting the reptiles with the non-profit organisation Carapace, feeding the lemurs, cleaning and caring for the giant tortoises, observing and feeding the bats, etc.

Of course the organised activities depend on the age of the children and therefore of the group to which they are assigned, as well as...on the good will of our friends with fur, feathers or scales

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Petits futés – Pairi Daiza
Practical information

The 2019 course calendar

Course dates: Easter

  • Monday 8 April 2019 to Friday 12 April 2019
  • Monday 15 April 2019 to Friday 19 April 2019

Course dates: Summer

  • Monday 1 July 2019 to Friday 5 July 2019
  • Monday 8 July 2019 to Friday 12 July 2019
  • Monday 15 July 2019 to Friday 19 July 2019
  • Monday 22 July 2019 to Friday 26 July 2019
  • Monday 29 July 2019 to Friday 2 August 2019
  • Monday 5 August 2019 to Friday 9 August 2019
  • Monday 12 August 2019 to Friday 16 August 2019
  • Monday 19 August 2019 to Friday 23 August 2019
  • Monday 26 August 2019 to Friday 30 August 2019

PLEASE NOTE! There is no course during the 2019 Toussaint (half-term) holidays!

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Informations pratiques

Prices for the 2019 season

  1. The price of the course is €215 for each child enrolled.
  2. If you would like an invoice or if your child's course is paid for by your employer, please don’t forget to indicate this on the registration form (in “any other comments”)
  3. Registration for the course requires that your child is present each day from 09:00 to 17:00
  4. To ensure that the course is run properly departures before 17:00 are not allowed
  5. The price of the course is a fixed amount for 5 days. No refund will be given in the event of absence during the course (even on presentation of a medical certificate) whether this absence is for one or more days
  6. Pre-booked meals and day-care arrangements will not be refunded under any circumstances


Day-care is arranged every day from 08:00 to 08:45 and from 17:15 to 18:00. This day-care is supervised by one of our supervisor-guides.

The price is 5 euros/day/child (in addition to the price of the course). This rate is fixed and is not subject to any reduction or refund regardless of the duration of the day-care.

The “Clever Kids” Menus

You have the option of booking a midday full hot meal at a cost of 9 euros/child/day (in addition to the price of the course).

Here is the proposed weekly menu for the whole 2019 season: *

Monday: Meatballs in tomato sauce / rice

Tuesday: Vol-au-vent / French fries

Wednesday: sausage / duchess potatoes / cauliflower gratin

Thursday: breast of chicken / compote / puree

Friday: pasta / bolognese sauce / grated cheese

*We reserve the right to change the weekly menu according to the season, without prior notice. Children taking their picnic lunch eat in the same location as children who have booked the hot meal! Children get a snack twice a day (included in the price of the course). We provide water for everyone and, depending on the day, a piece of fruit or a biscuit. Of course, children are quite at liberty to bring their own snacks if they so wish. Important: if your child has any food allergies please indicate this on the registration form.

Clothing recommendations

Important! Please provide :

  • waterproof clothing (K-way style)
  • comfortable shoes suitable for the climate and for walking
  • a cap or a hat

We kindly ask that you write your child's surname and first name inside all of the clothes and shoes. Remember that the children's activities mostly take place outdoors even when it's raining!

Personal items and personal property

Please note: we wish to remind you that neither the Management nor the supervisors of Pairi Daiza are responsible for the personal items brought to the course location by the children. Any possible use of these items (such as taking photos) must be done with complete regard and respect for the other participants, the animals, other visitors, the course activities and the instructions given by the supervisors.

Arrival and departure

On Mondays we kindly ask that you be present from 08:30 for the few administrative formalities: insurance documentation and authorisation for emergency medical intervention.

Please feel free to park your car in the car park when you come to bring or collect your children: we give you a ticket for the car park (to activate opening the barrier).

Course certificates of attendance

A certificate of participation in the course will be given to you on Friday, early in the day.

Don’t forget to ask for it from the supervisor-guides! Please note that we will only issue one original copy!

What about weeks with a “public holiday”?

The “clever kids” courses take place every day of the week ...even on public holidays!

No rest for the enthusiasts... This year, therefore, the course will take place as normal on Thursday 15 August 2019.

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