Baby Panda

Diary of the baby Panda born in Pairi Daiza (Belgium), this 02 June 2016 at 02:02am.

30 May 2017:

10:00 - Tian Bao: "It’s my first birthday this Friday and apparently people are going to celebrate it the whole weekend. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen. I’m told that children here get one more candle a year added on a delicious cake and the child has to blow out the candle so as to bring good luck. You can’t do that sort of thing for me, however. Mum and Tania would be too frightened that I would burn the hair on my nose even if I promised to be careful. Instead, I hope to get a special panda cake, I’d love that. Uncle Jack has just been to see Tania to ask her about me. Apparently, it’s to make a “report” about me now that I am one year old. I’m not quite sure what that means but Tania told me that I don’t need to worry, everyone is very happy with me. Apparently, I weigh nearly 30 kg (66 pounds) even though normally little pandas of my age only weigh 25 kg (about 55 pounds). That’s because I eat well and all the food I’m given here is delicious. I still drink my mother’s milk but only once every day and a half. Otherwise, I eat panda cake and gnaw on a crunchy carrot or an apple three times a day. What is new to me are these bamboo shoots. I’m not all that crazy about them but apparently I will get to like them later because when I am older that is almost all I will eat! So I chew them and get used to them. Mum, on the other hand, absolutely adores bamboo shoots so that we are separated when Tania brings them to us, otherwise mum would be capable of eating the whole lot, and I would let her do so in the hope that this would then get me more cake! Dr Tim says that I am in excellent health. That’s true, I’m never ill. I have to admit that I have a wonderful life! I go to sleep at night with Mum in the grotto, then I wake up at about six o’clock in the morning. Tania leaves us bunches of bamboo so I can eat some during the night if I feel hungry. At about eight o’clock, it’s panda cake and fruit or a vegetable. Then, if the weather is fine, we go out into the garden, something I love doing because now I can climb on the log cabins all by myself. They are two storeys high, with ladders, it’s great! Three months ago, Mum never let me wander far from her, I had to keep close to her so she would show me where to go, how not to fall over, and so on...but now, I run about all by myself! Mum often comes with me and we play together but she tells me off more and more when she is fed up with my hitting her with my paws and when I bite her neck all the time! Once I bit her on the bottom, only for fun of course, but she wasn’t at all happy! Apparently, it’s quite usual for her to play with me less and less. I need to get used to it but in the meantime I enjoy it because she is the nicest mum in the world. In short, everything’s fine, I’m fit and well and enjoying myself a lot at PairiDaiza."

8 march 2017:

17:00 - Tian Bao: "Hi buddies! The end of the winter is in sight and I am starting to discover our garden! It took me all winter to convince mommy that I was big enough to go outside… Do you know, she can be so wonderfully stubborn at times? But, I do understand why she was so protective of me… I am very impressed by those constructions that she loves so much. She did say I can take all the time I need to get to the end of the garden and discover our cabin. « Be safe! » she said. Under her watchful eye I thus started to discover the first meters of our garden, the first stones and those long green, sometimes wet things that tickle me so much! I love rolling around in it! They say we could see each other again in 24 days?! I will practice every day until then and I'll try to climb on the rocks in the middle… so I can see you better!" 

31 december 2016 :

09:17 - Tian Bao : "Dear friends,
What a beautiful surprise on this last day of the year… you have voted me to the top of Le Soir’s « Belgian of the year » list! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You have really made my first 7 months an incredible journey. So many of you read my stories and send me the sweetest messages ever. Here too, they are many to take care of me and the other animals. Some up close, others from afar. They have asked me to, for once, speak to you in their name as well. Pressure! I’ve never done this before. But here it goes… Happy New Year, friends! We wish you a year filled with tenderness, complicity and beautiful surprises. Take care of yourself and the ones you love… and have fun! 

Tian Bao taking a peek from behind the wall

10 november 2016 :

13:15 - Tian Bao : "Hi friends ! While mommy has her breakfast in the morning I do the cleaning ! Well, I’ve been trying to figure out how it actually works. What I already know for sure : you need a long hose (great for chewing as well), water, boots, a big stick with some foam at the end… and a portion of good will. I just haven’t figured out just yet where the stack that portion of good will. Cleaning our cave used to go fast. But since I have learned how to walk, it seems it isn’t as easy as it used to be. I can’t quite understand that. Isn’t everything supposed to go faster when you’re doing it together ? Apparently not everybody agrees with me… I overheard them talking the other day... « It’s time to give him something to play with » they said. Then, they called the carpenters. I don’t know who they are, but I think I already love them."

cleaning of Tian Bao's cave

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05 November 2016 :

10:50 - Tian Bao : "Hello ! I hadn’t seen Tania for a couple of days. I love her so much I just want to follow her around. I have to admit that I am a bit of a tease… When she turned her back, for a minute, I thought she wanted to leave and I just couldn’t let that happen ! Where she goes, I go and nothing will hold me back! So what do you think ? Did I make it or not ?»

Tian Bao climbing out of his bed

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28 October 2016 :

3:39pm - Tian Bao : "Dear friends, I am searching, I am searching for a place to hide… Mom told me we would start the Halloween celebrations in the parc tomorrow. She said that people who would visit us may be costumed and that they would stay longer than usual. She also said that I shouldn’t be scared though, even if it’s Halloween, everybody will stil be nice… and she said they’d all play games! I’ve been told things have been hidden in the parc… I want to play too! I asked mommy if I could dress up. « You already have the most beautiful costume in the world Tian Bao » Thanks mom, yours is not bad too… but that does not solve my problem… I want to play… so I thought… why don’t I hide in the bamboo? I just wonder if the leaves are wide enough to hide my 10 kilos… can you stil see me? Is this good? You think I’m ready for the festivities?"

Tian Bao with bamboo
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14 October 2016 :

3:39pm - Tian Bao : "I want to play! "

Tian Bao on the back of Hao Hao
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13 October 2016 :

5:24pm - Tian Bao : Hi friends! « Tian Bao, if you don’t watch where you put your paws down, you will hurt yourself! » mom says all the time. I though she was exaggerating! I mean, I am better then that… At least, I thought so. But I have to admit… she was right (again!)… I was just so eager… ok no… I just fell flat on my tushy because I didn’t watch my step! On the upside, I found a way to swiftly get up again without her noticing… no harm, no foul, right?! If you see me trying one of my tricks out, please don’t tell my mom, though! I have to practice! I have been told that our outside house has a lot of levels, a waterparty, things to crawl on and do acrobatics on… I want to prove her that I am ready and not scared at all! Oh and I think I have found my official walk… what do you think of my hip movements? Classy, don’t you think? »

Tian Bao is adventuring him on rocks
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01 October 2016 :

9:21pm - Tian Bao : Hello friends ! Tomorrow i’ll be four months old and I did it ! I… can walk ! I also discovered that i don’t need all four all the time, I can stand and the two back legs if I hold on to the rocks. About the rocks, don’t tell my mom, but when she takes her nap… I go out on a climbing adventure ! I haven’t quite mastered the art of landing with grace but soon… very soon… I won’t give up and get it right ! »

Tian Bao walks around and discovers his cave
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24 September 2016 :

9:39am - Tian Bao : «Pffff… Not that easy to stand on all four legs… I try real hard but can’t seem to get it just right… Do you maybe have some good advice for me?»

Tian Bao sitting on his bum
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15 September 2016 :

10:00am - Tian Bao : "« Dear friends, My name is TIAN BAO! Finally I have a real name! This morning, on the occasion of the Mooniest, a nice ceremony was organized near my cave. What an honor! His Excellency the Ambassador of China in Belgium, Minister of Environment Marie-Christine Marghem, Eric Domb… and many journalists! I just didn’t know who to great first! But Tania, my caretaker said I shouldn’t worry: ‘Today is your day!’. So I just decided to calmly stay in Tania’s arms. They revealed a beautiful plaque with my naam written on it Tian Bao. It’s nice, don’t you think? It means « Treasure of Heaven ». I like it! I think you like it too, no? It was the name that received the most votes on last weeks online poll. Tian Bao, Tian Bao… I’m already getting used to it and I think it suites me! :-) »

the officialisation of baby P's name "Tian Bao"

9 September 2016 :

11:00am - Baby P : "« Hey guys, can you believe it… I’ve been around for one houndred days ! I am officially certified : giant panda ! And that’s not the only good news… panda’s like me are now no longer in ‘critical danger’ but have been categorized as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Redlist. They told me that this means that our friends in China are growing in number… kind of like us here ! At first I got a bit scared by the terms, but mommy told me that even though we stil have to work hard, it is incredible news and not just for us ! She gave me all the details but to be sure you get all the information correctly, mom suggested Tania and Tim explain it all to you… Do mommy’s really ALWAYS have to be right ?»

Baby P lying on the ground
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31 August 2016 :

1:00pm - Baby P : "Hello there! I’ve been affectionately called « Baby P » since my birth. But now that I can open my eyes, spin around nicely on the floor, that I weigh about five kilos and look like a real panda… I think it is obvious that I am becoming a big boy now, don’t you think? So, around here, everyone started looking for a real and beautiful name for me. They selected five and I just love them all! So, please help me! You have been following my evolution every step of the way…which one of the five names do you think would suit me best? The people who made it possible for me to be with you today – we call them the « pandateam » – will choose in the following weeks amongst the three names that will rank the highest in the poll. So, we’re almost there! If all goes well I should be a strong big boy with a beautiful name! Oh, I almost forgot, Mister Wu made a little tutorial on how to pronounce the five names… i’m not saying this because he is my best friend, but he is a wonderful Chinese teacher!! I can’t wait to see the results of the poll! In the meantime, I’m going back to the panda cave… I think I learned a new trick… I stil need some practice, but I think I understand how to stand on my four legs now…! I’ll keep you posted! PS: If you’d like to vote: »

Sir Wu from China
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29 August 2016 :

1:20pm - Baby P : "My first steps...

Baby P tries to make his first steps
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26 August 2016 :

5:40pm - Baby P : " Hello my friends !  Every morning, just before you come to pay me a visit… my mum goes into the nursery where Mister Wu prepares a delicious breakfast for her. While she’s eating, he cleans our cave (and yes, he’s the one who washes it down !). In the meantime, she sometimes leaves me with Tania who weighs me and checks on my paws, nails, eyes, ears and a lot of other stuff you don’t wan to know about ! Whilst preparing the scale, she lays me down in the incubator… Last time I felt it became a little too small for me. They must have noticed it too. Because, this morning, they had installed a bigger boxy thing that felt much larger and in which I can keep on exercising (I do push-ups to strengthen my forelegs !) while waiting for Tania. A few minutes later, when everything is clean again, I go back to my cave (where the temperature is 19°C all-year-round :)) close to the window and… is it you, my friends, that I can see behind the window!? 

baby P smiles to the camera, lying in his bed

6 August 2016 :

10:30am - Baby P"Mom said: "C'mon Baby P, it's time to go!" And off we went before she took me outside again. I am travelling quite a lot. This promises to be an adventure today! :-)"

09:45am - Baby P : "She did it! She brought me to the cave for the first time!"

Baby P in the arms of Hao Hao in the cave

4 August 2016 :

03:56pm - Baby P : "Mommy and I enjoyed every second of our time together the past two months. Now that I can open my eyes she wants to show me so many things… You can’t even imagine how excited I am !! She keeps telling me I am getting big now and that I should discover new things and go on journeys ! She’s talks about going to a cave, it’s a place she loves and it’s supposed to be always fresh there. I definitely want to see that ! I’ve been told I may get a glimpse of my dad their too, smell him and maybe even see you guys ! This is so big… But, she did lay some ground rules… Mom said that when she takes me, I have to stay near her at all times and « When I say we go… we go and no discussion! » she said. M’am, yes, m’am ! It’s not really an option anyways… even when I try to escape… she immediately grabs me by the neck ! You can’t hide from your mom apparently…  Anyways, Mister Wu and Tania inspected to whole cave yesterday, they made it spotless and laid down tons of bambu… They worked so hard and looked so proud when they told her « You can both go into the cave know ». And guess what my mom did… she put one paw out and the three others and I stayed inside the nursery. Mister Wu and Tania did not see that one coming… She’s a funny one, my mom ! But, between you and I and off the record, with that door staying open from now on… she’s bound to give in! Don’t you think?" 

Hao Hao taking care of baby P

14 July 2016 : 

2:55pm - Baby P : " Hello dear friends, I have a super duper piece of news to share! Apparently, I’ll soon be able to open my eyes and see my lovely mum and all the world around me! Mister Wu said, with his scientific look : « it should be happening in a matter of days ». Up until now, I was so small that my eyes could not open… Well they say small but I am pretty strong I will tell you! My mum is taking really good care of me. Her milk is so good that my tummy is getting rounder and I am full of energy. Whenever she delicately puts me on the ground, I try to walk. I’m super focused for this challenge! Until now, I’ve only managed to spin around on the ground, which is already a good start ! Oh, by the way, something funny happend during my last medical exam : I became too big for the weighing box. Or maybe, the box is getting smaller ? There’s something fishy about this box ! My eyes are not yet working so well, but my hearing is perfect and when Mister Wu put me on the scale, I clearly heard him say : « 1.795Kg » (which is about the weight of a green cabage) … Well… mmm… I have to face it, my weight has doubled in ten days and is ten times what I weighed on the day I was born. Oh yeah, I also need to tell you something more : I’m now a REAL little panda : no more pink dots (besides my nose, but that doesn’t count, does it?), just black and white fur ! See you soon, my friends !""

Hao Has smiling for the picture with Baby P on her belly

2 July 2016 : 

1:36pm - Baby P : " Hello, friends! How are you all? Today I am one month old, I guess that means it is my monthversary!! And... I have big news ! I did it, I’m heavier than a pack of sugar ! They all looked astonished when they realised I weighed more then 1100 grams… just like that ! Because mommy and I like the bubble we are in right now, we found a new way to keep in touch with you and celebrate all that good news… we are streamed onto the tv screens inside the panda cave! And because we are giant panda’s, we even got a giant screen to show our best-of images in the Chinese garden! We had to make new videos for the occasion, so I tried to clean up nicely ! Mom stil has to help me with my hair, she keeps washing me to try and get my fur to look nice… I’ve been told moms do that all the time ! I kind of like it, because I know it’s one of her ways to show me just how much she loves me ! Now, I have to go back to mom… Talk to you soon, friends!"

Hao Hao holds Baby P warm
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28 June 2016:

3:50pm - Baby P : "My mummy and I"

Hao Hao cleaning up Baby P

20 June 2016:

3:53pm - Baby P : "Dear friends, After a weekend full of tenderness in my mommy’s arms… I flew towards the scale, it was time to be weighed! And… tadaaaaa… 618 grams! Not bad for a little pink shrimp? Don’t you think i’m starting to get my daddy’s good looks too? I had to concentrate real hard to get the colors out, now I’m trying to figure out how to grow all that hair!"

Baby P has already his black and white color

14 june 2016:

3:04pm - Baby P : « Dear friends, time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve been very busy… Mommy had made a deal with Mister Wu, if she proved him she had understood how to eat and feed me at the same time, he would only weigh me every 48 hours! Obviously, my mommy loves challenges (I should definitely remember that information!) and before I knew it, she had found a way! Bambu on the left, baby on the right and tadaaaa : no more weighing every day! She’s been amazing the past four days, she rocks that bambu and I focus on the mild. Together we form a wonderful foodie duo :-) Mom loves her bambu and it’s starting to show! I not only like how it looks on her, it feels amazing to…. More mommy for me to love and more love and tenderness for me to have! I should get back to it though, I have some pandafur to grow and it requires my full concentration! :-) »

Baby P receives some colors

09 June 2016:

4:30pm - Baby P : « Hello ! It’s party time today ! First of all, because I am one week old and I’m starting a new look. Can you see the black spots around my eyes, on my ears and on my shoulders ? Bye bye mousepink colour ! Soon I’ll proudly wear the classy black and white panda colours like my mom and dad ! My fur is growing and my nails are becoming hard… and I kind of need to work with that, right now I’m hanging on everyhting. Today is also party time for Mister Wu and Wei Ming, it’s the Dragon Boat Day (Dwuan Wu). In China, where we panda’s come from, today is a big day. That means that people don’t work, party and eat good things. That is why Mister Wu and Wei Ming prepared a treat for my mom and dad, pandacake wrapped in bambu leafs. It looked so good, I tried to steal some from mom… but she caught me… Bummer. Mommy told me I was to little (and I do not agree) for pandacake and that she’d give me some when I have teeth. If I continue on my path it could be soon… right now I am 270 grams. I weigh as much as a big eggplant ! Wu-Wu ! Ps : My Chinese is not very good, but I’ve been told the message wishes happiness to Hao Hao (my mom) and Xing Hui (my dad). I think they are very nice men.»

Baby P has already a little hair

06 June 2016 : 

1:55pm - Baby P : « Hi, friends! We made it… I’ve been only drinking with mommy the last 24 hours! How we got that done? First, I have something incredible to tell you… I was already so happy to have found the milk route on the right side, the one hidden in mommy’s fur… You wouldn’t believe what I found out since…. there’s another route on the left side! TWO milk routes I tell you!  While I was searching for the second route, I got tired. Mister Wu and Liu Yang came to help me out, gently. They brought a gift for mom she just can’t get enough of: honey! I like Liu Yang because she’s super brave. She gave mom some honey to lick while Mister Wu showed me… the second milk route! Can you imagine? She let a bear lick her hand… just for me! They tell me little panda’s are fragile, that many of us die in the wild because they can’t find their milk routes… But they have high hopes for me and they know what they are talking about… they have helped many panda moms and save a lot of cubs in China…They said their biggest dream is that I would never need them again! Well, it worked! I haven’t left my mommy’s arms the last 24 hours, only to be weighed. The rest of the day is just between the both of us and no more milk bottles!! And I can’t even explain how much I like that! Oh, I almost forgot… I’m in a new weight category! I weigh as much as a cup of coffee filled with sugar… aka 224 grams! Wu-Wu! Will you think of me when you drink your next cup of coffee or tea? »

A caregiver with Hao Hao
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05 June 2016 : 

2:03pm - Baby P« Hello ! I had a wonderful Saturday with mom ! She loves me so much and licks me aaaaalll day. My ears are stil tiny, I can’t see much but I really don’t feel like sitting stil… sometimes I’m a bit too confident, I lose my balance and slip away from her arms. But she’s such a supermom and ALWAYS catches me. She cuddles me and I looooove it. Because in her arms, I found a secret passage to a milk distribution point ! Mister Wu sometimes comes and caresses mom, he talks to her gently and gives her bamboo… with a supplement of honey ! In the meantime, mister Wei Ming (his lovely assistant ;)) weighs me, makes sure I don’t want any extra milk and massages me so I can poo easily. Yesterday they put me on this thing and then yelled « 181 grams » and that sounded like very good news ! But no time to celebrate with them, because I was back with my mom in a blink of an eye ! »

Hao Hao warming up all pink and naked Baby P
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03 June 2016 : 

6:21pm - Baby P : "My mother and I are travelling all around the world !"

Baby P and Hao Hao in the world wide newspapers

1:45pm - Baby P : "Hi! So this is it… i’m one day old! What a great arrival it was… i was really touched by your welcome, so were my caretakers Tania and Liu Yang… they even cried. But they said not to worry because they were tears of joy. I had a good night sleep with my mommy. She made a new friend as well, his name is mister Wu (pronounced woooooo). I think he has big hands, but mommy trusts him, so I trust him too. When he comes to take me, he always brings me back quickly. It’s kind of fun too actually. He takes good care of me (it tickles!!!) and he gives me my mommy’s colostrum. He says that it is very important for me to drink every drop of it, because it will make me strong and healthy. So I oblige! When mommy will have rested, she will be the only one giving me milk. Oh, and i discovered something odd… I pee and I poo now. Apparently it made me lose some weight (i am 156 grams today) but everybody says not to worry because I will soon enough start gaining weight again. I can’t wait! "

Baby P receives the nursing bottle
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02 June 2016:

9:50am - Baby P"Woooaw I'm flying from my mother's mouth to her lovely arms!"

Hao Hao holding Baby P in her mouth

Baby P in the mouth of Hao Hao

All pink Baby P in hands of a caregiver

Hao Hao holding Baby P on her chest

8:59am - Baby P : "Here I am, with my mummy Hao Hao !"

Hao Hao is showing just born, all pink and naked, Baby P
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