The Temberma Village

Le Village Temberma - Pairi Daiza

Welcome to Warengo

You are in Warengo, a genuine village of the Tamberma tribe, located in a beautiful valley with giant baobab trees, in northern Togo, along the border of neighbouring Benin. You will see two large houses that look like little castles, with their turreted granaries and their high walls. These Tamberma constructions have a unique architecture.

In the Tamberma ethnic tribe (they are called Somba in neighbouring Benin), every young man getting married must build his traditional house, with the help of the whole village. A suitable location, approved by the spirits, is agreed and construction begins, lasting around two months. The walls are made of banco, a mixture of earth, gravel, clay and water which is shaped into large overlapping sections, reinforced with poles, with a large slab forming the roof of the ground floor areas. There is only one entrance, which is quite narrow and which protects from outside dangers. Inside, it is dark. It is the abode of the spirits, it is where sacrifices are made, and it is also where the older members of the family live and...where the animals spend the night.

Half-way up, a room serving as a “kitchen” and upstairs, which is accessed by ladders in the shape of a Y, the large slab where the parents and their children live. When it rains or when the cold harmattan wind blows, they sleep in rooms that are cramped like cells and whose entrance is so narrow that you have to enter facing backwards. It is also from this slab that the granaries are accessed, where the grain is protected from the weather and from rodents.

Le Village Temberma - Pairi Daiza

Masks and ornamental objects

In Warengo, in one of the huts, visitors can see photos and objects that are exclusively Tamberma, with explanatory texts about this remarkable ethnic group. In the other hut there are masks, magnificent objects and ornaments from other tribes on display. Testimony to the admiration that Pairi Daiza has for the cultures and arts of the dark continent.

Le Village Temberma - Pairi Daiza

Meet the Red River Hogs

In the Tamberma village you will be able to see the Red River Hogs. They live in West Africa, Central Africa and Madagascar. They have an attractive tawny red coat with a yellowish mane. When born the young boars have a striped coat which provides good camouflage, and which disappears after three months. The Red River Hogs lives in primary forests as well as in savannah, marshes or grasslands. It weighs between 45 and 150 kg and can reach between 1 and 1.5 metres in length. At the withers it can reach around 1 metre.

Le Village Temberma - Pairi Daiza

Make way for the King of the animals

Our lions also live near the Temberma village. From time immemorial, the best known of the African big cats has been crowned King of the animals, probably because of its mane - which gives it an incomparable air of majesty - but also because of its impressive teeth. Its teeth, which are up to six centimetres long, are capable to a delivering bite with a pressure of over 300 kg/cm²! Very useful when it comes to finding 7 kg of meat every day to feed its mass of 250 kg of flesh and muscle. The lions of Pairi Daiza were born in captivity, like most lions living in zoos. They reproduce very well in captivity, and ours have already provided several litters.

Sponsor the lions

Sponsorship amounts are exclusively for the Pairi Daiza Foundation for projects for the conservation and protection of threatened species and for improving their living conditions in Pairi Daiza.

Je parraine les lions