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Swamp Wallaby

Wallaby bicolore _ Pairi Daiza

Sleeps during the day, active at night

The Swamp Wallaby is a small-sized kangaroo (about 80 cm for the body and 70 cm for the tail) with dark red-brown fur with orange patches on its belly and chest.

Living in the forests in the east of Australia, it is a generally solitary animal which hides and sleeps during the day in order to be active at night. Exclusively herbivorous, it prefers to nibble brushwood rather than grass, unlike the other species of wallaby. Its teeth are different. It is also able to digest certain plants (fern, hemlock and lantana) which are toxic for other animals.

After a gestation of 33 to 38 days, this marsupial takes care of its young in the ventral pouch for nearly nine months. Its predators are dingoes (wild dogs), foxes and eagles. The species is not threatened.

In PairiDaiza

Four wallabies in the Jardin des Mondes

Four swamp Wallabies live in PairiDaiza. You can find them in their Australian territory, in Southern Cape.

Wallaby bicolore _ Pairi Daiza
Identification profile

A less threatened species

  • Name: Swamp Wallaby
  • Latin name: Wallabia bicolor
  • Origin: Eastern Australia
  • IUCN status: Least concerned
  • Cites: --


Wallabies are quite shy animals, but they can be very curious. Feeding and looking after them is very enjoyable!

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