An antelope extinct in the wild

The Oryx scimitar is about 1m20 at the withers and wears long, thin, backward curved horns, like these oriental swords called scimitars. Its coat is white but brownish-russet on the chest. This beautiful animal lived in large herds in the arid steppes of the Sahel, south of the Sahara. Able to increase body temperature to limit sweating and reduce kidney function to reduce urine and therefore save water, Oryx algazelle is a frugal herbivore, able to survive without drinking for months. It is thus well adapted to its almost desert environment. It is very fast to run away from its predators (big cats, hyenas...)

Identity Card

  • Name : Oryx Scimitar
  • latin Name : Oryx dammah
  • Origin : North Africa, Sahel: Libya, Niger, Chad
  • Status IUCN : Extinct in the wild
  • Cites : Annexe I