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Java Mouse-deer

Petit Kanchil de Java – Pairi Daiza

It is only 25cm long

Do you reckon that it resembles a giraffe? However it’s its close cousin, although it’s only 25 cm long. No bigger than a little rabbit!

The Java Mouse-Deer is the smallest representative of the hoofed artiodactyla group, which means “having an even number of fingers”… at the end of which there are, as for us, nails but in the form of little hooves.

It is very shy and therefore difficult to observe in its natural habitat: the forests of Java and Bali, in Indonesia.

As it’s not very strong nor armed against its enemies, it has to be astute.

Do you know how? By playing possum and escaping at top speed at the moment when its predator is least expecting it.

Petit Kanchil de Java – Pairi Daiza
Identity card

A little mammal

  • Name : Java Mouse-deer
  • Latin name : Tragulus javanicus
  • Origin : Java and Bali, Indonesia
  • IUCN status : --
  • Cites : --
At Pairi Daiza

4 Java mouse-deers

At Pairi Daiza, we have a couple of mouse-deers : Java (female) et Chevy (male). They have a daughter (Addja) and also another baby born in september.

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Je parraine le Petit Kanchil de Java