It resists cold well

Apart from humans, the Japanese macaque is the primate whose habitat – the mixed forests of the islands of Japan – is located the furthest north. This monkey can withstand the harsh Japanese winters thanks to its thick fur, which ranges in colour from light to dark brown-grey. When temperatures really plummet or there is thick snow, some groups of macaques will even bathe together in hot springs. The Japanese macaque measures 80 to 95 cm in length, with a short tail. It lives in matrilineal groups, sometimes comprising several dozen individuals. During the breeding season, their face and hindquarters turn red. They form a pair bond, but this is only temporary, as they mate several times with multiple partners. The females lead the group and never leave, while males travel and join different societies. Their diet is omnivorous but mainly vegetarian, varying according to seasonal availability. The species is not threatened.

Identity Card

  • Name : Japanese macaque
  • Latin Name : Macaca fuscata
  • Origin : Japanese Archipelago
  • IUCN Status : Least Concerned
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