The Craftsman’s House

La maison de l'Artisan à Pairi Daiza

A Thai house made entirely from wood

Near the wall of the Abbey, providing a genuine sanctuary dedicated to the elephant, a real Thai house, all in wood, the elegant roof on two levels and the columns supporting it rescued from a previous building that was destroyed by fire. There you can admire its numerous sculptures on various wooden supports, inspired above all by the elephant, which is a sacred animal in Asia. It reigns supreme in this place, away from the crowd, a peaceful atmosphere conducive to a little meditation. It is rewarding to take your time and admire the Craftsman’s House, in the details of its decor, and, with a little bit of imagination or reverie, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the saffron-coloured robe of a Buddhist monk appear.

Les Orangs-outans de la Maison l'Artisan de Pairi Daiza

Sinta and Gempa

Before leaving the Kingdom of Ganesha, the visitor will no doubt enter a new enclosure, in the form of a large annex to the Craftsman’s House, which of course has been created in the same architectural style. Since 2016 this has been home to a mating pair of orang-utans of the species native to the north of the large Indonesian island of Sumatra. Sinta, a female, and Gempa, a male, were selected by coordinators from EAZA (the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) to take part in a breeding programme (European Endangered Species Programme, or EEP) for this species. Sinta and Gempa live in a managed enclosure of over 1,100 m2 (including a grassy island of 950 m2).

Sponsor the orangutans

Sponsorship amounts are exclusively for the Pairi Daiza Foundation for projects for the conservation and protection of threatened species and for improving their living conditions in Pairi Daiza.

Je parraine les orangs-outans