The bath of the holy elephants

éléphant - Pairi Daiza

Again only a few steps separate you from an impressive structure

When you see the colossal pool of the princesses of Pairi Daiza, (yes, we house 4 cows (3 Asian and 1 African)).

The pool is a tribute to the royal guard, 30m long, 20m wide and 10m high, with different levels of depth and entrusted to the watchful care of three goddesses.

Elephants are avid bathers and they use the pool up to 3 times a day during spring and summer as their huge, bare epidermis surface dries out easily in the hot sun. The surrounding terrace offers views of the mighty Mersus Emergo, the sleeping place of the elephants.

Again Ganesha watches over everyone's welfare, his effigy in the magnificently carved trunk is undeniable.

éléphant - Pairi Daiza

The well-being of our elephants being our top priority,

the Bath of the Elephants depends on the weather conditions. If the water temperature (independant from the air-temperature) is too low, or if the weather is too bad, the bath might be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.