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African Spurred Tortoise

Tortue sillonnée – Pairi Daiza

A primarily herbivorous tortoise

Living in the savannahs of the Sahel, this is the third largest land tortoise in the world, after the Galapagos and Aldabra Tortoises: adult, it measures 80 cm and then weighs a hundred or so kilos.

During the hottest times of the day, the African Spurred Tortoise buries itself deep into the ground.

Once it is getting cooler, it awakes and leaves its burrow to start searching for food.

It is primarily herbivorous.

The male has a large prominent scale - the spur - in the shape of fork, in front of the breastplate.

It uses it, during the mating season, to overturn a rival male curing combats. A curious weapon!

Tortue sillonnée – Pairi Daiza
Identity card

A "vulnerable" species

  • Name: African Spurred Tortoise
  • Latin name: Geochelone sulcata
  • Origin: Africa, in the Sahel
  • IUCN status: Vulnerable
  • Cites: Appendix II

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