Palais d'Ani and New playground for our elephants

The "Palais d'Ani" : when India inspires Pairi Daiza

A large territory, inspired by the mysterious India, just opened its gate to our elephant herd. This new playground adds to the vast territory dedicated to our adorable pachyderms. Right in the middle of this territory, a new palace was erected : The "Palais d'Ani" (named after our deceased elephant Ani, who passed away in March).

Palais d'Ani

The "Palais d'Ani" is derctly inspired by the ancient indian royal studhouses. A moghol influence can alsobe found in the central porch and the pools that frame the main alleyway.

At the heart of the palace, a vast room, lighted by three golden domes, offers a new playground for our elephants. 

The building style evokes the "One Thousand and One Nights" and offers a 5 stars stay for Pairi Daiza's most precious : or elephants. The Pairi Daiza styles is well represented : beauty and functionality. 

For the first time, visitors will be invited to see the interior spaces which are also the elephant's winterstay. Stables are spacious and lit by daytime light.

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