Arrival of two new elephants in Pairi Daiza

Our elephant herd has just grown bigger : yesterday, we welcomed two new Asian Elephants : a mother, May (18 y.o.) and her baby, Khin (3y.o.).

There are now 8 elephants in Pairi Daiza :

  • 2 African Elephants (Gitana and Suzy) and
  • 6 Asian Elephants (Mala, Rani, Valentino, Po-Chin, May and Khin).

May and Khin come from the Cologne Zoo and their transfer happens within the framewotk of the EEP Reproduction Program (European Program for Endangered Species). Steffen Patzwahl, our Zoological Director rejoices about May and Khin's arrival as May will be able to share her maternity experience with Mala andRani, the two female Asian Elephant already in Pairi Daiza. Steffen Patzwahl hopes for May to become the herd's matriarch.

May and Khin can be observed in their stay next to the boat (Mersus Emergo) as of today. 

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