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Labour, agriculture and related crafts still include bread and cheese production, and depending on the region and the climate, beer, wine and liquor. Trappist beers, currently totalling eight (6 Belgian, 1 French and 1 Dutch), are a separate matter all together.

The naming is strictly reserved for beers produced by monks of the Cistercian order, founded by St-Benoît ("Ora et Labora": pray and work). Artisan beers named after other abbeys or commissioned by religious brotherhoods that brew beer commercially can be called abbey beers. The authenticity and added value of a beer is obviously not dependent on the buildings, or of the selected basic ingredients, the brewing techniques and high fermentation.

The source waters of St Bernard is traditionally prized for its exceptional properties, the reconstruction of a traditional brewery was therefore obvious. The production process was technologically supported by Kaspar Schulz in 1677.

The Cambron abbey beer, brown and blonde, is produced in according with an ancient process by our master brewer, using the same basic ingredients and yeast as in the past, under the responsibility of the world renowned Hainaut brewery Dubuisson. Brewed as per the old recipe, within the walls of an authentic abbey, undoubtedly deserves to be called an abbey beer, if only for its undoubted terrific taste.

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